Reflections from a Mirror

Use positive affirmations to empower yourself
Positive affirmations are simple messages of truth that can change our lives. In just a few unassuming words, affirmations can change feelings of sadness and despair into feelings of hope and joy. Use the following exercise to incorporate positive affirmations into your daily life: Step 1: Stand or sit in front of a mirror when there are no distractions. Step 2: Spend a couple of minutes looking at your reflection. Allow your gaze to become soft, look past your physical appearance to glance within. Step 3: Speaking out loud, voice any persisting negative thoughts or problems that you have been avoiding. Step 4: In a strong, clear voice, say positive affirmations to yourself, for example: – I choose to approach all situations in my life with overflowing enthusiasm. – I will speak about joy and positivity to every person I meet. – I will think only of the highest and work only for the highest. – I will always love and support myself. In this elevated state, walk out into the world with the strong determination to spread happiness and love to all you meet.