Calm the Emotional Storm – Experimenting with Yourself

Often we find our emotions getting the better of us. On the occasion of Gurupurnima, let us invoke the help of the Guru to calm our emotional turmoil

We are often impacted by emotional ups and downs. Sometimes the mind gets so affected that it seems nothing else in the world exists except the negative emotion. This short exercise can help you calm the mind and get back to a more balanced state.

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position. Ensure that your head, neck and back are aligned. Gently close your eyes.

Step 2: Direct your attention towards the emotion you are experiencing. Do not try to suppress, indulge in or judge the emotion. Simply feel it.

Step 3: Visualise the peaceful, bliss-filled face of your Guru in front of you.

Step 4: Pour your heart out to your Guru verbally or mentally about the emotional storm you are experiencing. Offer all the emotions at His Lotus Feet.

Step 5: Experience a flow of unconditional love and compassion from the Master. Feel the burden of the emotional storm wither away, as you are transformed.

Step 6: Sit in silence for a few minutes before you end the practice.

Practise this whenever you are caught in the throes of negativity. Take help from the higher energy and overcome it.